Commissioning a painting is a simple way of getting a unique and thoughtful gift for yourself or someone you love. It may be your home, a favourite landscape or pet. I can produce a print for you that can make an ideal and unexpected present.

Do you have a photograph? 

All my artwork is produced from photographs. If you have your own photo then great. Sometimes people have lots of photos of their home,a pet or favourite view, the more photos the better. 


My regular size of prints are 15 inches x 10 inches and they are printed onto A3 size paper. I am also doing a A4 size print too. My work is digital and the length of time to produce the work remains the same irrespective of the print size. So, have a think about what space the artwork needs to fill as you have to factor in the framing of the picture afterwards.

Generally, an average commission piece takes around 10 hours to complete and costs start from £175

Should you wish to have a commission from me I will send you updates via email or Facebook so that you are involved in the pictures progress. As my work is digital you have the opportunity to tweak the colours throughout the picture's development in order to create a unique and exciting experience.


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